Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grandma freaked {Matt & Ashley say I do}

Lots of people do many things to prepare for the big wedding day.  In this case Ashley's grandma prepared her whole yard for some beautiful wedding portraits.
Here sweet old grandma got on her riding lawn mower, mowed the lawn and the empty lot, she weeded and swept.  You can only imagine what grandma did when I brought the wedding party to the back of the barn full of weeds and a old top of a truck.  Grandma Freaked!!  She got over it quickly (because she so nice) I hope she will see my vision after looking at these pictures.

Matt and Ashley I had so much fun with you guys on your wedding day.  Taking pictures of you is so easy and I could have done it for a week straight.  Ashley your giggle is contagious and I found myself just smiling behind my camera.
Love you guys tons!!!


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