Tuesday, October 22, 2013

.:Cory & Candice:. e-session

Its not very often you got to take pictures of 3 weddings from the same family...its even more rare that these weddings would be in the last 3 years...but guess what I DO!!!

I fell in love with the DeRuiter family back in 2012 when I first met Chad & Lindsey.  I had so much fun taking their engagement pictures.  I then got to spend the day with them a taking pictures of their wedding.

After Chad and Lindsey's wedding Ashley asked me to take pictures of her and Matt for their wedding...what a beautiful day we had so much fun!! Matt & Ashley's wedding party was awesome and I got to know Cory and Candice even more. I was over joyed when I got asked to do the last and final DeRuiter family wedding:)

Cory and Candice are such a sweet couple, hanging out with them downtown during art prize couldn't have been any better.  As many of you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE art prize and using it as a backdrop to these love birds photos was amazing.  Can't for wedding day you guys!!!

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  1. I love them all, but my favorite is the one of Corey kissing Candice's nose. You can see how much you guys love each other in these pictures. I love you both